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Qualifying For Aid and Attendance


At Love &Care Health Services’ we pride ourselves in working for our Veterans, whom have sacrificed tremendously for our freedom in this great nation. This is why we have partnered up with Vet Assist.  We have contracted with them to assist in checking your eligibility for assistance in your home.  L ove &Care Health Services can be used as a possible alternative to nursing home care, and as a way to get Respite Care at home for Veterans and their family caregiver. Love &Care Health Services can help Veterans remain living in their own home and can serve Veterans of any age.


At Love &Care Health Services’, we consider honoring our nation’s veterans to be a vitally important part of our work. Many of the patients we care for have served our country, often at great personal cost. We consider it a privilege to care for these heroes.


Applying for and maintaining your veterans Aid and Attendance pension can be confusing and time consuming.

Love &Care Health Services and Vet Assist Program regional managers and specialists have worked with thousands of veterans and their surviving spouses to help them understand the intent and purpose of Aid and Attendance. We also simplify the Aid and Attendance application process.

Simplifying VA Aid and Attendance Pension Eligibility


A simple way to determine if you are eligible, is to start with the three main qualifications or “must-haves” for the VA pension with Aid and Attendance: military, medical and money.


Do you meet the “3-M’s” to qualify?

To qualify a veteran or surviving spouse will need to meet the following criteria:

1) Military: Are you a veteran or the surviving spouse of a veteran who served at least 90 days on active duty, at least one day during wartime*, with an honorable discharge? (Persian Gulf War veterans must have two years of active duty.)

2) Medical: Do you have a non-service connected medical condition causing you to need assistance with activities of daily living?

3) Money: Do you have limited income and assets? (Your home and car are exempt.)


Have You Served During One of the VA Defined War Periods*

  • World War II:  December 7, 1941-December 31, 1946

  • Korean Conflict: June 27, 1950-January 31, 1955

  • Vietnam Era: August 5, 1964-May 7, 1975. Veterans who served February 28, 1961-August 5, 1964, must have served “in country” (Vietnam).

  • Persian Gulf War: August 2, 1990- date to be prescribed by Presidential Proclamation or law. Must have served active duty for two years.


Getting the Care You Need

Services are based on your assessed needs. We are here to assist you in this process.  Call us TODAY! Our Intake Case Manager can assist in finding out what specific help you may be able to receive. For example, an aide may be able to come to your house several times a week or just once in a while.


Examples of daily activities you may be able to receive help with include:

  • Eating

  • Getting dressed

  • Bathing

  • Using the bathroom

  • Moving from one place to another

  • Shopping for food

  • Cooking

  • Cleaning

  • Doing laundry

  • Paying bills or managing money

  • Taking medication

  • Getting to appointments

  • Using the telephone

You can continue to receive an aide's services for as long as you need extra help.

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